Bob Ross Joy of Painting

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 Other Oil Paintings

Just for the fun of it, Alicia tried her first people portrait using the Bob Ross® Wildlife painting techniques. This is "Sweet Bryan", about age 6. Alicia's son Bryan lives in the Dallas, Texas area.


Bryan's Oil Painting

Alicia's first wold painting

Above are a couple of Alicia's practice wolf and eagle paintings. 

Alicia's First Eagle Painting


I decided to paint a portrait of my niece Mattie for a fun project. She is painted in oil on a 12" x 16" canvas.



Pencil sketch of fantasy art from Mattie's infant photos

Mattie fairy fantasy 1

Another Mattie fantasy fairy sketch

Mattie fairy fantasy 2

Well, I just couldn't stop doing Mattie fairy sketches.

Mattie fantasy fairy 3

Bryan and Bozo from a really, really tiny little wrinkled old photo Bryan and Bozo

  More experimental paintings below:

Bird 1

Bird 2

Blue Jay

Female Cardinal


Male Cardinal

Tree Rat