Commissioned Pet Portraits

The furry and feathered friends that share our homes and lives add a special warmth and love that cannot be measured. Capturing their precious image in an oil painting allows us to forever reflect on their spirit and celebrate the gift their companionship has given us. I would love to work with you to immortalize the memory of your treasured companion in a beautiful oil painting you will always treasure.

I'll be happy to paint a pet portrait for you from your clear picture. Please email Alicia at   to discuss details for your portrait.

 Canvas Size

1 Head

Each Additional Head

Each Full Body













* Estimated  $30.00 for shipping and handling in the USA. subject to change with Postal Service rate changes

Maggie 18x24Laney 18x24




Penny 16x20

A note on copyright:  Although I retain full reproduction copyright on each portrait, due to the personal nature of a commission piece I will not use an image for cards or art prints without the permission and understanding of my client.