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Bob Ross® Phthalo Green Oil Paint

Bob Ross Phthalo Green Oil PaintBob Ross® Phthalo Green oil paint will be one of the less frequently oil paints you use. If you paint often you'll probably want to have a 5 oz Phthalo Green tube, otherwise the 1.25 oz Phthalo Green  tube should last you quite awhile. 

If you cannot find a local retail outlet for Bob Ross® Phthalo Green then you might consider buying from a reputable, high-volume art supply dealer online. The normal list price for the 5 OZ tube of Phthalo Green is $17.49 and the 1.25 OZ is lists for $7.29 but you can buy it online for far less. The buy link below doesn't commit you to buying, but will take you to the merchant website where you can see what is available.